Help a complete stranger, for the greater good.

Late yesterday evening I received a call from a close friend of mine in the firearms training industry, and when I say late it was past 10:00pm. My Mother, God rest her soul always said that when someone calls late at night it is never good news and Mom was right. When I answered the phone, my friend told me that a trainer in the industry had passed away on Saturday morning.

Now, when my friend told me this man’s name I have to admit, my very first thought was, “Karma got him.” You see, this person had beared false witness against myself online and was generally a person that I felt would stab you in the back not knowing you rather as he did to me rather than taking the time to see the big picture and all sides.

In case you didn’t know, many people both men and women in the firearms training industry are exactly this way, believe me, this man was not a loner in his capacity to troll others on social media and buy into group think.

Candidly, we have all types in this industry, a veritable melting pot including those who are supposedly industry leaders yet who associate themselves with known felons all for the love of money and then there are the fools who act like big shots on social media with their incessant trolling and stalking of others who hold them accountable for their unprofessional behavior. Yet others who pencil whip certificates and then act holier than thou in touting their training. Seriously, there are several metric tons of these kinds of people in the firearms training industry.

Now I never trained with this man who passed away, and the one time that he held a course in the Tampa Bay area I was already locked in to teaching a course myself and couldn’t change it; however, he had called me several times asking me to host a course for him, (Obviously before the backstabbing he participated in) and even had a mutual friend ask me to host a course for him. The only person I that I know who has trained with him said it was adequate training, nothing earth shattering.

However, while speaking with my friend last night and hearing that this man left a wife and young children at home I felt bad for both for the deceased and his family. Seriously, even though this man had stabbed me in the back multiple times my feelings changed from “Karma got him” to, what can I do to help his family?

This man served our country honorably and as a fellow honorably discharged veteran I respect his service and I’m pretty sure he was not set financially for several lifetimes as some people are, so I decided to make a monetary donation directly to his family. Yes that’s right I donated to this man’s family even after what he did to me and he did it more than once.

My challenge to you today and every day is to do something nice for someone and or help a complete stranger for the greater good.

Thanks for checking in, and until next time, be vigilant be the best, and as always, live life abundantly!

Train hard so you can fight easy!

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