Delta Airlines Customer Service, and tagging/segregating bags with guns in them…

When I boarded a Delta jet to get home from a recent trip so did my bags and they were in very good shape when I turned them over to the #DeltaAirlines ticketing agent who checked me in for my first class seat.

When I arrived home it was after midnight and one of my bags was initially lost, and the other was visibly damaged. Then all of a sudden a #DeltaAirlines employee emerged from a door and he said my bag got damaged, it’s not lost. Thank goodness that second bag wasn’t lost, that bag was the one with my gun and ammunition in it.

Now, in case you didn’t know, #DeltaAirlines tags bags that have guns in them and does not allow them to go on a baggage claim belt at the destination airport, if anyone is a United States Attorney, or Assistant United States Attorney is this tagging of baggage and separating them in this manner violate Federal law? Something to look into at the U.S. Attorney level, that’s for sure.

Sadly, the damage to both bags was bad enough that both would need to be replaced, the one with my gun and ammunition in it was being held together with two large zip ties, the only thing that made it through unscathed on that bag was my #TSA approved lock, those things are pretty tough. Luckily the liner in both of the bags kept things from being lost or damaged.

This is the bag that was carrying my guns, the other one was much the same with a handle broken off and the outer part of the bag torn open.

Here is the really good part, #DeltaAirlines gave me two brand new bags, and not some cheap stuff either, they stepped right up and owned the issue and solved it on the spot, how about that for customer service? They have a huge room at Tampa International Airport and I was able to take my choice of two bag of equal size to the ones that were damaged and exchange them out on the spot, no questions asked. This made sleeping in my own bed a lot better as I didn’t have to worry about a claim or anything.

Yeah I know, #DeltaAirlines turned it’s back on all of us #NRA members after the #MSDHS shooting in February 2017, and I only flew them this time because of #skymileslife, as I have too many miles to not use as they never expire, so what am I going to do, not use the miles for free tickets to conventions and training events?

Good job #DeltaAirlines, I am impressed with how you knocked this out of the park by owning your mistakes, apologizing and moving forward, there is a huge message in this as a lesson in customer service.

Now let’s talk Gogo WiFi, or maybe not, I need a $16.00 refund, and will get it just as soon as I clear my plate of some other things this afternoon.

Thanks for checking in, and until next time, be vigilant, be the best and as always, live life abundantly.

Train hard so you can fight easy!

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