“The Derp” June 6th, 2017

The Derp is strong with a particular “Gun Pretender” who claims to be a big-time firearms instructor and self-defense trainer on Facebook today. Oops, isn’t that every day on Facebook?

Note to Mr. Gun Pretender, Position SUL was created by Max Joseph of TFTT Direct Action Group for a very specific reason, so you need to teach it in context and properly, or don’t call it Position SUL. Additionally give credit where credit is due, otherwise you are just a garden variety Douchebag who is full of Derp and steals stuff never giving proper credit to the TTP’s developed by people like Max Joseph who has been in this industry for over three decades. These folks are much smarter than you, and yes, they deserve the credit.

As you can tell I am not tolerating “The Derp” from “Instructor Douchebag” very well today, and I will call him and anyone else out on their B.S. every single time, try me. If you have ever trained with me, I give proper credit to whomever I learn something from and I teach it properly. If the person I learned something from gives me proper context of where they learned it and who from, I do the same. It’s called integrity, get you some.

Seriously, people work for decades in this industry to have “Gun Pretenders” and mealy mouthed Douchbags steal stuff and teach their TTP’s out of context and worse, rename them, e.g., “The 21 foot Rule.” It’s laughable to those of us who work hard and give proper training and not just the half-baked “CCW Courses” that are a staple in the industry.

A friend of mine in Carson City, Nevada says that 97% of the NRA Certified Instructors out there should not be doing NON-NRA Approved courses because they have no training over and above the NRA Pistol Instructor rating they have after spending sixteen (16) hours in a classroom (Now twenty-four (24) hours plus some self-learning modules online). Brannon LeBouef from NOLATAC Training and Consulting knocks it out of the park here in this video. (Staying In Your Lane)

Nearly every day, professional firearms instructors end up unwinding the bad programming that you put into practice in post license training that YOUR students seek with us. Yeah, you don’t know what you don’t know Gun Pretenders.

So, you want to know about bad TTP’s, ask me about all of the “Inertia Reloads” I observed this past weekend. Someone is going to have to correct these things through repetitive training, guess who will need to do that, me. Only professional firearms and self-defense instructors will understand exactly what I am talking about here.

In summary, choose your firearms and self-defense instructor wisely. If they cannot give you context of where they learned a specific TTP, you need to run the other direction, seriously, they were probably trained by the cadre of big-time instructors on YouTube.

Until next time …

Live life abundantly!

Stay Safe & Train Hard!

4 thoughts on ““The Derp” June 6th, 2017

  1. davidyamane June 7, 2017 / 1:21 am

    I appreciate the frustration but you didn’t actually call anybody out. Who is the offending party?

    • Trigger Control Dot Org June 7, 2017 / 1:43 am

      No reason to do that, shaming someone on social media personally is not my style. “Instructor Douchebag” stalks me, my blog and my Facebook page, he will call himself out, be patient. This posting was to educate people on the fact that they should find and follow instructors who teach proper TTP’s and give credit where credit is due, not the YouTube Gun Pretenders. The problem is that many don’t know what they don’t know and their instructors are neophytes just like they are. Thanks for your comment and follow…

      • davidyamane June 7, 2017 / 11:31 am

        Fair enough. Attended Tom Givens’ instructor development course recently (as an observer) and he made clear that he has only made a couple small novel contributions to firearms training and mostly teaches other people’s stuff. Interesting.

        Btw, wth is ttp?

  2. Trigger Control Dot Org June 7, 2017 / 12:36 pm

    David, I am glad you used Mr. Givens as a point of reference.

    I have taken five courses with Mr. Givens and know him to be a very modest man. I will state this unequivocally, both he and Lynn are both mentors and I count them as friends of mine, that I would want in a foxhole with me should S.H.T.F. (You’ll need to look that acronym up)

    Tom has also done way more for the firearms training industry in his forty plus years training people than he leads on, that is the mark of a true professional. Oh by the way, he has told me more than once, “my curriculum is original to someone.” The difference is, I never let the wry smile on his face fool me, for he is the master and we are the learners.

    Sure, he used to travel the country taking courses from legends and writing about his experiences in SWAT Magazine and the people he trained with some of whom have no doubt long since passed on to the “square range in the sky.” Tom passes on some of that knowledge that he learned himself as we all do; however, he is a court appointed subject matter expert on all things firearms and self-defense training related, he is also a legend in the industry and has written book(s) on the subject matter, if he doesn’t give reference to who taught him something, I am inclined to give him a break, he’s old and may not remember.

    (Please don’t tell Tom that I called him old, he will shoot me where I stand, deader than a rock and then stand over my corpse saying, “hey dumbass, you didn’t get to post that article on my Rangemaster Advanced Combative Pistol and Vehicle Defense Course you attended last month because you were stupid, and called me old.”)

    The “Gun pretender” I am talking about in this posting is a garden variety douchebag and has no credibility. Again, there is no reason to shame him, he just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and is pontificating that he teaches others TTP’s and yet he has no clue as to what those TTP’s really are. Which brings me to your other question…

    TTP’s are defined as: Tactics, Techniques & Procedures or sometimes as Techniques, Tactics & Procedures.

    Thanks for asking this particular question, I should have spelled that out and not used the acronym. Some civilian trainers do not speak in my vernacular. TTP is military/law enforcement jargon and not used very often in a civilian context, and candidly, I’d like to change that. Stay Safe & Train Hard!

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